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At GRAFFITI B GONE, we offer 100% graffiti removal for our customers at the most affordable cost in Central Ohio. We also remove graffiti year round,  in the winter months the temperatures of 35 degrees and rising are required. The dwell time increases as the temperatures lower.  We also feel it is very important in removing 100% of the graffiti, without damage, in helping to prevent repeat graffiti.


Our rates are based on square footage, (length X height). with a minimum charge of $50.00. Our prices start as low as $1.50 per square foot. There are situations where the graffiti is more difficult to remove, and the rate would then be $50.00 per hour plus material. This occurs very seldom. Some surfaces that can cause this are Sandstone, non-sealed sand blaster brick, and sometimes on white brick. We recommend a protective coating be applied on those surfaces after the graffiti is removed. Click here to find out about our protective coatings.

We can remove graffiti from almost any surface without any damage.  Soundly painted smooth surfaces (baked on finishes) are not damaged and the graffiti is easily removed, most times. Some field painted surfaces may need touch up painting. We color match the surface on site with our color matching tints we carry on board. Our color matching cost range from $15.00 to $60.00. 

Our system is an environmentally sustainable chemicals and we  rinse with a low pressured hot water power washer.  Hot water is most efficient way of rinsing most surfaces.  On our vehicle we have a 100 gallon water tank, for those areas where there is no water hook up. For larger removal jobs we will need a hook up to refill the water tank.


Before we start our job, we take pictures and measure the graffiti. When we finish, we take another picture. These pictures have benefits, here are a few:

bulletAdded to the back of your invoice
bulletUsed as evidence in court when vandals are caught
bulletGang tags sent to Columbus Police Gang Unit (This should never substitute filing a police report) 
bulletSome pictures are sent to local High School Resource Officers
bulletFor Property Manager is shows your property owner what was removed or the cost. 

We find that our Customers enjoy viewing the pictures and often call to thank us for adding them to their invoice.

We respond within 48 hours upon calling our office, weather provided, sooner if the graffiti is racist, foul language, or offensive,  please let us know if your graffiti needs immediate attention. 


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