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Let us take the worry of repeat graffiti out of your hands. At Graffiti B Gone we offer our Graffiti Protection Plan that will remove any new graffiti you may receive. 

After we have removed the existing graffiti from your property you have the opportunity to sign a one year contract to have us remove any new graffiti that may appear. The cost depends on two factors, one the size of the building, and two the location of the building, such as in an area that has a lot of graffiti. The cost are very affordable, ranging from as low as $10.00 per month, to as much as $65.00 per month, some locations may cost more.

Because vandals like to see their art work stay on a building we do whatever is possible to send the message back that it will not stay up any longer then 48 hours. If your building has had graffiti for a long period of time, a territorial process will take place. The vandals may return with a few days after the cleaning they will find out under this plan that it will not stay there very long. After a couple of removals they get the message and move to another location. Without this plan I find sometimes the tags stay up as long as a week or two, and this sends the wrong message. In the beginning we may visit the property daily, and any new graffiti is immediately removed. After a few removals you property may go months without any new graffiti. The important part here is that no matter what you only pay a small amount every month.

Ask about our Graffiti Protection Plan and see what we would charge to have your property protected toady!  


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